About Jason Rosner and the naming of the blog

About the Hyrax and the name of the Blog:

Among the various goals of this blog, I wanted to alert you to one of my favorite quotes from entire Tanakh. It has to do with hyraxes.

Several years ago I ran across an animal I had not seen before (being as I am a native of southern California), the hyrax.  It is related to the elephant but looks more like a large hamster.  I found the animals fascinating and I enjoyed looking at them in the zoo.  I vaguely knew they were mentioned in Leviticus as a non-kosher animal.  Now, I’m a great lover of animals and so discovering one I hadn’t met before was a special treat.

It turns out that the hyrax is quite an interesting creature, and it makes a few appearances in the Tanakh, not least of which is found in the book of Proverbs.  The Tanakh is fond of using animals as examples for human behavior (a bit like Aesop’s fables), and..

The Hyrax is not mighty, but it makes its home in the cliffs.  Proverbs 30:26 for those keeping score.

I am not sure exactly why, but I was so enamored of these furry friends that I decided to make them the mascot of my blog (every blog needs a pithy name, right?).

Over time I found more and more interesting animal references, including the recently popularized Perek Shirah, in which each of the animals of creation recites a particular verse.  Its a bit like a cosmic See-and-Say (you remember, the toy wheel that goes “the cow says…mooo”).

So here we are, with a hyrax for a mascot.



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